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British Car Conversions has gone through a major change, we now service kits for TRIUMPH from the supply of quality Chevy V6 install kits and accessories we now offer a one shop store.
We supply everything from fuel tanks to radiators as well. This service is provided so the HOME BUILDER CAN FOCUS ON BUILDING and not inventing or getting inaccurate advice.

With our affiliation with Sinner Performance and British Restorations we have all corners covered from supply to restorations to performance building. BCC does not sale anything we have not tried ourselves in the shop and on the road. One of the benefits of using British Restorations, we sell and manufacture the parts. Knowledge is very important to the home builder, on that note we also have a consulting program that for a fee we will advise you on your project till it is complete. This fee is $800.00 but is waved if you buy a install kit and a cover kit from us.